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A+ Certification

A+ Certification (Photo credit: Gadget Virtuoso)

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Saying almost goodbye to freelancing and getting almost hired …

IBM Cloud Computing

IBM Cloud Computing (Photo credit:

It is not big secret (well at least not anymore) that I’ve been recruited by one of the biggest leading cloud service provides last year. But at the end I guess they figured it out that relocating me to other side of Europe would be quite challenging or something and after several phone interviews (judging from my point of view and feedback I got from all examiners, all interviews went quite well), they thanked me with words that “this proceeding will not go any further for this particular role“.

Oh, well .. not the end of the world, maybe I really wasn’t showing enough enthusiasm that I really want to relocate myself for this particular role. Besides that, I think it was great experience going through all phone interviews, most of them were 100% technical, testing my knowledge of Linux and networking. The last one was more soft skills orientated with a lot of hypothetical real scenarios and “problems” involving organizing people, delegating tasks and reporting. Things I have already done successfully in past, just not on that large scale. That was challenge why I was motivated for this particular role. Everything, just on bigger scale 🙂

Till something better comes along, I’ll be sticking to freelancing.



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Some good content from Internet from last two weeks, definitively worth reading ..