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Internet weekly highlight #1

Starting new category called “Internet weekly highlights“, which is basically writings/blogs posts/stories from the internet that are a good read in short. Usually thin{k|g}s that I have “stared” in my (Google Reader) RSS aggregator, twitter ..






Security BSidesLondon 2013

bsides_logo–croppedYet another great BSidesLondon, yet another great Security BSides event! I think Xavier has written great wrap-up on his blog about whole event, so I will not be wasting words how great everything was.



My top talk picks from main two tracks:

Besides workshops (sadly was to late to join any of them), there was also rookie track. Managed to see only one (Talking in a foreign land by Anne Wood), but heard they were all great if not even better than main ones 😉

If I need to stress out one thing that was really big #fail, was connectivity to internet (outside world). There was no open (or secured) wireless connectivity at event. Venue provided one “open” SSID with captive portal and registration, that was actually totally closed (closed even for ICMP traffic) and opened only for DNS/HTTP(s) traffic. If you wanted VPN yourself to $HOME networks, the only way was {whatever-protocol}overDNS that gave you max. throughput ~ about 20kb/s 🙁

But still kudos to (@GeekChickUK) and the rest of BSides crew for another great BSides event!

Next on calendar Hack in Paris (2013) and Nuit du Hack 2013.