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The end of Internet Protocol Journal (IPJ) as we know it?

The Internet Protocol JournalJust got announcement from Cisco in my inbox about the end of Internet Protocol Journal – A quarterly technical publication for Internet and intranet professionals.



At this time, Cisco Systems, Inc. has decided not to continue
publishing The Internet Protocol Journal (IPJ) effective

We thank all of our loyal readers for your support during the last
15 years. Your feedback has been a key part of making this
publication a success.

Cisco also wishes to thank the authors of the published articles,
and all those who submitted articles. A special note of thanks goes
to the IPJ Editorial Advisory Board and the article reviewers who
have helped to maintain the very high standards of journalistic and
technical quality of IPJ.


The Internet Protocol Journal was an informational and educational resource for engineering professionals involved in the design, development, and operation of public and private internets and intranets. It focused onย  issues facing the network designer or operator. The journal carried tutorial articles (“What is…?”) as well as implementation/operation articles (“How to…”). It provided readers with technology and standardization updates for all levels of the protocol stack and serves as a forum forย  discussion of all aspects of internetworking. It definitely was great publication if you are involved in this “networking” / IP business; only “hardcore” networking stuff, meaning really no marketing/sales bullshit.

Cisco says IPJ archives of all issues will remain on-line at
Thank you everyone who made it last for so long.

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Slovenian IPv6 summit – 8th edition

IPv6-IPv4 by Abode of Chaos - DDC_5855

IPv6-IPv4 by Abode of Chaos – DDC_5855 (Photo credit: Abode of Chaos)

Yet another successful IPv6 summit passed by, the 8th in a row since 2008. As summits before, this one was also packed with great content and great speakers. If I say, from the network / ISP / operator perspective, we’re just a “push of a button” away from IPv6 at large and IPv6-only core networking is becoming reality and IPv4 will soon be offered only as a service. (great new buzz term by the way – IPv4 as a service / IPv4aaS ).

If for some reason you have missed the event here are some of videos worth watching

Terrastream, Deutche Telekom next generation IPv6 only access network (Ian Farrer, Deutsche Telekom). More on pilot project that was realized in very short time in Croatian can be read on Cisco blog.

Post IPv4 depletion observations from RIPE-NCC (Massimiliano Stucchi, RIPE-NCC)

Live demo of MAP address sharing transition technology, (Andrew Yourtchenko, Cisco)

Yet another way to connect IPv6-only “users” to old internet / only IPv4 based via MAP transition technology. See Cisco MAP Simulation tool.

Something you can already test, without having Cisco box with latest and greatest IOS (all those neat IPv6 features are almost always available only on really bleeding and latest IOS software)ย  that supports this kind of mapping. There are some open source implementations already out there, almost out-of-the-box ready to be run on OpenWRT linux builds. See:

.. to be continued.